1939 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500S Berlinetta Castagna

Chassis number: 915066


In 1939, to meet the high demand for the new 6C 2500 Sport Berlinetta, Alfa Romeo entrusts part of the production to Carrozzeria Castagna. It takes up the lines of contemporary creation of Touring, but despite this constraint the cars that come from Castagna workshop are distinguished by some differences in details.

The fenders have an edge absent in Superleggera Berlinetta and the pavilion is more massive. The production is limited to a small number, perhaps a dozen, spread over two series (the second in 1942, adapted to the corresponding second Touring Series).

A production of which very little is known, so that the few surviving Castagna were often mistaken for Touring and restored as such. Today only chassis 915066 remains to witness the Castagna work on this model, thanks to the research that made it possible to recognize and restore it properly.

To make it even more unique this car is the engine. The original six-cylinder engine was replaced with a 12-cylinder engine prototype that Gioachino Colombo designed for Alfa Romeo in the late 30s. This is the type S10, in this case in the sporty version named SS, which offers superb performance with a displacement of three liters and a half.

The S10 type was intended to replace the 6C, but the events of the war stopped its development. The very few built engines were tested on the 6C frame, so that the replacement of the engine in the Berlinetta Castagna did not require any modification to the chassis. The lightweight 12-cylinder V fitted perfectly in place of the original six-cylinder space.


Cylinders: V-12 (Tipo S10 SS)

Displacement: 3.0 cc

Wheelbase: 3000 mm


Concorso di Milwaukee 2007 (Menzione d'onore, 1st class)

Concorso di Chicago 2007 (Vettura sportiva più importante)

Concorso di Ludwigsburg 2008 (Best eleganza)

Concorso di Mulhouse 2008 (1st class, vetture sportive)

Baden Baden Concours 2008 (1st class)

Concorso di Ludwigsburg 2010 (1st class)

Baden Baden Concours 2010 (Best in Show, 1st class)

Concorso di Schloss Dyck 2010 (Premio Alfa Romeo)

48 Ore Orobiche 2014 (1st class)

Bergamo Historic GP 2016 (Premio prototipi)

Concorso di Ludwigsburg 2014 (1st class)

Retro Classic 2014

Masterpieces&Style, Schloss Dyck 2016

VIII Firenze sotto le stelle 2016


  • 1939 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 S Berlinetta Castagna 1

AR-6C 5924M
AR-6C 5917M
AR-6C 5921M
AR-6C 5880M

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